Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Streets Of London

An update: At the beginning of March I blogged about the state of the Bow Flyover, with its alarming wheel-trapping ruts on the westbound stretch. It was a very dangerous place to be on two wheels, especially the smaller ones of yer typical scooter.

After reporting the fault to Newham Council, Tower Hamlets Council, Fixmystreet, Transport For London and even London Bikers the road has been fixed. Well, I say fixed - the worst holes have had some tarmac dropped in them - but it's much better than it was. Given that nobody I spoke to had any idea who looked after the flyover, it's a minor miracle that anything's been done at all.

Great London Rideout 2006

(pic from the Great London Rideout 2006 - which takes place on June 14th this year)

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Catching Up 1: This has a great feel of Swinging Sixties!!!