Friday, May 22, 2009

Missing Link


Last year my beloved Sprint Veloce failed her MOT, and shamefully I never got round to getting the work done. Apart from the engine being turned over every couple of months, Bella languished in a corner of our garden, sleeping under three waterproof tarps and a film of WD40. Neglect is bad for scooters. Water can settle on unused footboards, rotting the monocoque frame. The best thing is to keep riding them, so I finally got my ass into gear and booked Bella in at Scooterworks.

Pulling the covers off and wheeling the old girl into the road I mused that with Friday the busiest day of my working week, it wouldn't be the best time to break down. I needn't have worried. Despite me not even cleaning the carburettor, Bella awoke after a mere two prods of the kicker and a tickle of choke. The tyres were flat but soon sorted, and twenty-odd minutes later I was at Craig's untidy workshop in Bermondsey.

For the MOT Bella needed a new fork link pivot pin (me neither), the replacement of which has made not the slightest noticeable difference to the ride which remains as joyously tooth-loosening as ever. I hope we get a scooter summer this year.


Affer said...

aaaah....the old B7HS; rarely lets one down. But you have broken a cardinal rule of scootering. MOT equals "Must Order Tyres". It isn't called the FLPP, is it?

TIW said...

That's the only time Bella's failed her MOT. I was mortified!