Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hello Sailor


Considering it was the original reason that the city grew, the Thames is a criminally underused feature of London. Nowadays most shipping gets no further than Tilbury, though the odd cruise liner ties up next to HMS Belfast by Tower Bridge. Modern river traffic is pleasure craft, tour boats, the River Police and tugs pulling the city's waste to be incinerated at Chatham, so it's always enjoyable when something substantial can be seen. The aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious - known to her crew as "Lusty" - is moored at Greenwich until monday, celebrating 100 years of Royal Navy aviation, so I went down early on saturday to have a look. The ship's enormous - all but 700ft long - though scale was difficult to judge until a tourist boat chugged into view. As I clicked away for the stock library I supply, I couldn't resist a shot of my '81 PX 'Dino'.


Affer said...

What I like about Illustrious is that it has many of the characteristics of the Vespa: out-of-date, anachronistic, barely serious - but full of great charm!!!! (with apologies to Vespa :-) )

Ten Inch Wheeler said...


"and very capable of causing death"