Friday, May 15, 2009

If It Had To Be Done

Here we go again - Eurovision time. The yookay entry this year is Jade Ewen with It's My Time, which sounds like the national anthem of a new Baltic state. I know the British have nothing to prove about song writing and it's all a bit of a laugh, but our entry is rubbish. We deserve to lose.

The French, contrary and sensible as ever are fielding actress Patricia Kaas, who's also a multi-million selling chansonnier in the Francophone world. Her Et s'il fallait le faire is a breathy and mature song worthy of Edith Piaf or Marlene Dietrich. Tomorrow we're having a Skype-enabled Eurovision party with mates 300 miles away - I know who i'll be cheering.

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Affer said...

What is so ghastly about British Urinevision entries is that they are neither properly serious nor demonstrating the innovation and creativity that epitomises UK popular music in general. It's all so Butlins and Hallo Campers! I always wanted Ian Dury to have a go at it.....