Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Through A Glass Darkly

Westward Ho!, Devon
Along with discarded chicken boxes, vintage scooters, and Fiat Cinquecenti, I am unable to pass a seaside telescope without photographing it. Rusty, crusty one-eyed sentries looking out to sea, no matter what the weather. There all seem to be be made by small regional factories - the most prolific being the mysterious Roland Telescopes of Robin Hoods Bay of which barely a trace can be found on't internet. Although today 20p will get you a slightly blurred view of a dredging boat, these 'scopes are the descendents of ones set up to give cheeky Edwardian chaps a view of ladies emerging from bathing machines. Ding dong!


Affer said...

They ARE nice! I really like the third one (from the top); I seem to recall one like that on Beachy Head, albeit painted Battleship Grey. It was a penny (that was when pennies were worth something of course) and I would stare through it hoping to see France. I don't ever remember succeeding as too often the lenses were scratched or smeared, and I could never get the focus right!

Ten Inch Wheeler said...

You can focus them? I never knew!

Affer said...

Perhaps they didn't....perhaps it's my dementia creeping in! But I am sure they had a twiddly eye-piece thingy.......

ally. said...

right on brother

although to be honest i have terrible problems with anything binoculary - i just see binocular somehow. and anyway the view looks so much better with a one of these in it