Wednesday, April 1, 2009

There's A Riot Goin' On

Charlie and Susie are up from the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester to chuck litter bins through McDonald's window and shout at secretaries from Goldman Sachs in the battle against globalisationists and capitalist running dogs (but not Uncle Peter and his clothing imports business who bought Charlie a Mini Cooper for his 21st). Katie and Josh were coming too, but they're having a year out in Malawi helping the photogenically destitute. Tom's here and he's got his Rage Against The Machine shirt on and his cousin's at Bradford University up North so he can like totally empathise with the poor, actually.

All this means that the roads were empty and I got to work in the record time of 22 minutes. Smash the state!

Great London Rideout 2006


Affer said...

Masterly irony! For the first time in my (too long) life, I find myself empathising with the protesters...if not their methods!

Ten Inch Wheeler said...

I took a walk up there at lunchtime - it was a very good atmosphere, with banter between the protestors and the police. I've done my share of marching 'n' protesting, but I got cheesed off with everything always being hijacked by rent-a-mob.

Anonymous said...

Most of the radio interviewees who were 'protesting' seemed to have some interest in keeping the capitalist state going for as long as possible. Probably all Home Secretary candidates of the future.