Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lazy Blogging, Part 6.

A brilliant short from tilt-shift maestro Keith Loutit.

Real tilt-shift lenses are stupendously expensive specialist kit but, as usual, the interweb jumps to the rescue with a fake Tilt-shift maker, if you fancy having a go. Here's a couple of my efforts at making Djemma El Fna in Marrakech look like a 1/144th scale model:



Serendipity said...

Nothing wrong with lazy blogging. Think of it as 80-20!

Affer said...

Not so's a really very interesting piece - and the 'short' is fantastic! I had a go at the web-link, but the results aren't very good at the moment; lack of base subject matter. I have some shots from my Indian trip that might work better....but not as well, I suspect, as your Marrakech!