Friday, March 27, 2009

Lazy Blogging, Part 5.

Early morning? Illegal speeds? Paris? 1970s? Mon Dieu!

It's beyond irony that the world's dullest band used this film in one of their vids. I'll stick with the engine note of the Ferrari 275, thanks.


Affer said...

Great Vid - but Snow Patrol don't do it for me AT ALL! J. Geils had a great song called Hard Drivin' Man which would be hugely appropriate for this (Champion used it to back a motorsports film in c. 1974). I tried to find a YouTube vid of it; failed, although there are some covers including quite a good one from Eddie and the Hotrods.

Ten Inch Wheeler said...

I'll have to look them up on itunes. This film was shot on a silent camera on the front of a merc, so they dubbed on the ferrari to make it more 'exciting'.