Friday, March 20, 2009

When You're Getting On A Bit.

Yorkshire in the 1980s wasn't all corrupt coppers, serial killers and striking miners, despite what David Peace thinks. There was also the immortal Shackleton High Seat Chair advert, which ran on Yorkshire TV for years - at least until the early '90s. I defy anyone over 35 who grew up in the YTV region not to know every word by heart. Apparently this advert is famous in the trade for being one of the most cost-effective commercials ever made. I bet the old dear didn't charge the Equity rate, anyway. Rumour has it that she didn't even have arthur-itis.


Affer said...

Slavica Ecclestone has a very high seat and is getting on a bit...doesn't have a reet proper Yorkshire accent, although £half a billion from Bernie makes up for it!

Plasticfantastic said...

i used to laugh at this advert. now i'd quite like one of those high seaters.
anyone for a Werthers?