Friday, March 26, 2010

The Monster Of Durham

A lot of places back home pride themselves on serving up 'Yorkshire Portions' - you'll see it proclaimed on blackboards outside pubs and cafes. It's one reason we Tykes are so big and strong. And fat.

However, I've never seen anything like this monster, served up last week when my mum and dad were at the Bay Horse in Brandon, near Durham.

Your move, Yorkshire.


Sarah said...

Blimey, that IS a monster!

We encountered something nearly as monstrous when my partner was foolhardy enough to order the large cod at Fosters of Alderley Edge:

Affer said...

Nowt wrong wi' that fish, owd lad...just that bloody great pile o' garden weeds!

Leigh said...

Christ man, just seen this. Wow. A monster. Are you sure you didn't order 'Kraken and Chips' by mistake?