Tuesday, March 9, 2010

40 Beers, Part Nine

Almost there.

28) Orkney Red MacGregor (cask): A real tangy mouthful, lots of bitterness and zip. The colour of black tea that's been stewing for a couple of hours. Darkly fruity nose.

29) White Horse Village Idiot (cask): Colour of light straw with a tight creamy head and a frothy crown. Summery citrus nose with light hops and a gentle bitter finish.

30) Titanic - Another Pint In The Wall: (cask). Faint but not unpleasant metallic smell. Tangy with a long bitter finish.

31) Asda Own Brand (Shepherd Neame, apparently) Gentleman Jack (bottle): Polished bronze body, sustained head, fruit 'n' nut. Very decent for a quid.

32) Asda Own Brand (Shepherd Neame, apparently) Whitechapel Porter (bottle): Opaque, almost black body with a big beige head. Intense coffee fragrance. First swig gives a huge coffee hit with a lasting, very bitter espresso finish. Good stuff, and a real bargain. Why has it got a hotel commissionaire on the label?


(the picture- a Dark Star Hophead, enjoyed at The Harp on saturday - explains why my old flatmate in Munich felt the need to ask me; "Vy are you Briddish haffing pipes all offer your valls?" )


Leigh said...

1. The Harp - great boozer. 2. Red Macgregor - big fan of that one. Not had a bad beer from Titanic, either!

TIW said...

Titanic are one of those brewers that creep up on you, like Moorhouse's - suddenly you start noticing just how good they are.

Bailey said...

He's got a good point. We've got pipes in our front room which are a bugger to paint over/round. It's like living in the engine room of the Titanic, now you mention it.

I had a very bad bottle of the chocolate and vanilla stout Titanic make for Morrison's. Clear glass was the problem, I think.

TIW said...

Something altogether not right about beer in clear glass bottles. Always strikes me as being a not-too-subtle way of try to attract the wine drinkers.