Tuesday, March 18, 2008

You Can't Ride Every Day

Well you can, but I don't. Sometimes it's nice to have a walk and get the Tube. Except when you get to the Tube Station - having walked through Stratford, a sort of clearing house for the Jeremy Kyle show - the trains have stopped running because of "passenger action" whatever that is - I suspect it's a euphamism for someone jumping in front of a train. And then you wish you'd gone to work on your scooter.

On the way home, I changed at Mile End. I was surprised to see a couple of policemen having a good look around the Eastbound central line platform. What struck me about these two is that neither were wearing those hi-viz coats, they were both well over six foot and built like a telephone box. They looked so different, with an entirely different presence. I can't be alone in thinking that reducing the height requirement for the Met and sticking the entire Force - sorry, "service" in comical lollipop ladies coats diminished their authority?

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