Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The well dressed Vespisti

It was a cold ride today - three layers plus jacket and scarf. Every year I tell myself I'll get some winter gloves, but I never do. I prefer an open-face helmet because of the improved peripheral vision , but when it's cold I jam on a full face so I don't arrive at my destination feeling like my head has been cryogenically preserved. This is also good protection from rain - even when it's fairly light it can feel like having gravel chucked in your face for an hour. Over my legs I have a lap blanket - very popular in Italian and French cities, and increasingly common here. Definately not cool but it does keep the chill and rain off. You still get a wet arse when it rains, though. I've never got on with windscreens. The big ones are like being attached to a windsurf board and impossible to see through on a rainy night.

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