Thursday, March 20, 2008

Another scoot-free day.

Reason: there might be beer after work tonight. Walking down the High Road, a Matchless and an AJS (the latter with girder forks) came burbling around the corner. They were probably on the way to MCS, a good old fashioned bike workshop staffed by affable, oily men called (probably) Ted. It' s a dark shop, often with something interesting and British outside crying oil onto the pavement. They drink a lot of tea in there and don't have a website. Everything is haphazardly piled up, but they know where everything is. A punter will ask for a sprocket nut for a BSA A50, and a member of staff will walk off into the darkness of the back shop and return with the part, wiping the dust off with his sleeve. They've even supplied me with crush washers for my Italian Shopping Moped.

"How much?"

"Ah - pay us next time"

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