Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bashing The Bishop

I'm not alone in thinking that the Olde Mitre is one of the best pubs anywhere. The Mitre can be tricky to find, hidden away off Hatton Garden. If it wasn't for the metal bishop's hat stuck on the extinct gas lamp at the end of the pub's narrow alley, you could be stumbling around for hours. Over Christmas I'd heard some rumours that this lovely sign had been nicked, and sure enough on my visit last night the lamp was worryingly free of ecclesiastical headwear. Fortunately, Scotty - the guv'nor and proud custodian of the Mitre - put me right. The hat's in for restoration. The lamppost had been clouted by a JCB in 2005 leaving it in a rakishly wonky state. The collision also cut off the lamps's supply of gas, and ever since the Mitre has been in a bureaucratic wrestling match with Camden Council who refuse to believe that the lamp isn't electric. Some sort of resolution has been reached, so Scotty's having the hat spruced up ready for the lamp's re-ignition. Stop worrying. Back to your pints.

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Affer said...

This still hurts....!!!