Wednesday, January 20, 2010

40 Beers - Part eight

I've been lazy with this. I'm sure my many millions of readers have been repeatedly pressing F5 in the vain hope that I may have actually posted something about my '40 beers' project. I am in fact way past 40 new beers now - I passed that milestone some time in mid-december. I've enjoyed every single one - even the Tesco Value Bitter.


Anyway, here's a few more:

23) Purkmistr Bohemian Schwarzbier (Bottle): Coffee and "butcher's shop" (in a good way*) nose. Espresso, burnt toast, expansive and mouthfilling dark maltiness.

24) Northmaen Rousse (Brasserie La Chopelle) (Bottle): Herbal, smoky, cigar tobacco whiffs. Hazy amber body. Peppery, pine notes and lots of vanilla coming through, and some almost Bourbon-like flavours. Even got a hint of Calvados. Unusual, complex and enjoyable - one for sipping, not swigging.

25) Saint Colombe Ambree: (bottle) Explosive head which vanishes quickly. Murky amber body. Bit sour, with faint buttescotch flavours and an odd 'seaweedy' nose. Weak fruit cordial. Utterly flat. A dull drink, like an unsuccesful hombrew. Nope.

26) Potton Village Bike (bottle): Initial tangy hit diminishes quickly to a thin, watery finish. 'Epsom salts' and faint raspberry in the nose. Not enjoyable.

27) L'Abbaye Des Rocs Montagnard (bottle): Dark amber body with sustained, lacing head. Smells of sweet orange with hints of tobacco. This is a real mouthful - Strong toffee, fruit, liquorice - delicious and warming. Syrupy and robust - this is a big drink. I'm no lightweight, but I was feeling the 9% after only a couple of mouthfuls. Good stuff - one for a fireside.


* Whatever that means. I'm writing these up from notes taken in the field, jotted down after a few pints. You can tell can't you?

(The picture above was taken at the Elizabethan Bar at Westward Ho in Devon. Never been in before - I'd always assumed it was Smoothflow territory, it being effectively a holiday site social club. It was a nice surprise to find a good pint of Tribute with a dramatic view. The Elizabethan is charmingly old fashioned. The menu still includes prawn cocktail served in a wine glass.)


Affer said...

Does your age now increase? Is it in line with the beers consumed?

I think there is a little booklet to be made out of all this research!

TIW said...

I was in The Harp with an old mate last night and had more pints than I would normally consume. Today I definitely do feel like my age has increased dramatically!

Bailey said...

Isn't that "Westward Ho!" -- the only placename in Britain with a punctuation mark built in?

TIW said...

Ah - I missed off the '!' through force of habit. I've got loads of pictures taken in Westward Ho! on my flickr stream and the captions looked daft on there, so I left 'em off.

The village sign does look very odd the first time you see it!

TIW said...

'The exclamation mark looked daft on the captions' I meant to say. Duh.

Bailey said...

Boak still doesn't believe me when I tell her the punctuation mark is part of the place name. She thought it was National Express playing silly buggers the first time she saw it on the front of a coach. Heh heh.