Monday, February 2, 2009

Snow. It happens every year.

Heavy snow is an appeal on Pennine Radio asking for volunteers to help farmers dig out their sheep. Heavy snow is the RAF dropping supplies to outlying villages and 4 inches of ice on the water butt. The sort of snow that happened several times during the years I was at Bradford college in the late 80s, and still the buses ran from Keighley to Bradford. I was only even late once - wrap up warm, and set off a bit earlier. No dramas. This morning every bus in London was cancelled. I'd walked to to Stratford before I got a call telling me not to bother going in to work, so I went straight home for a snowball fight with the wife. On the way back I passed a couple of laughing Africans enjoying their first encounter with snow, and this jolly fellow outside our local shop.


It's almost comical the way the one of the worlds richest capitals staggers to a predictable and shameful halt every time it snows. 8 unusual inches today, but when we had two inches a year or so back the results were broadly the same - just without snowmen.


Affer said...

It's those damn stupid new buses - bendy buses and big double deckers needing fat radial tyres. The old RTs and RMs (Routemasters) were never halted!

Ten Inch Wheeler said...

Affer, I've not been on a London bus since the Routemasters went.

bikerted said...

Took Ian 90 minutes to get home tonight, a total of 16 miles! We have forgotten what winters used to be like!
Global warming anyone?

Velky Al said...

London just isn't right without the Routemaster, or without red phone boxes come to thing of it. It would probably have been cheaper to kit out the old buses with new efficient engines, but what do I know, I am not a consultant or lobbyist.

Ten Inch Wheeler said...

What gets me is that the buses still ran during the Blitz, the peas soupers, the IRA campaigns and 7/7.