Monday, February 9, 2009

Boxing Day

Unstuffed Matchbox

Here's a plug for a new Flickr group, The International League Of Matchbox Stuffers. In short, see how many things you can get into a standard matchbox. My effort is above, with a piffling 19 items, though it did give a new purpose to the Captain Webb box I picked up at a flea market in Hebden Bridge.


Affer said...

You're driving me mad with this! Can I switch to a 'cook's' box? (Nice matchbox btw)

bikerted said...

Must work my way down to this....will start with a shoebox. Haven't seen a Captain Webb box for ages. Can you still get them and were they the ones with a quote on the back?

Ten Inch Wheeler said...

Affer - it has to be a 'standard' IE, small one. New matchboxes be smaller than old ones like Cap'n Webb.

Bikerted - I think the famous captain vanished about the same time Bryant And May's production moved to Sweden. Wasn't it 'England's Glory' that had the quote at one time?