Friday, January 23, 2009

"It's just ... it's fairyland..."

Jonathan Ross is back on TV tonight. Joy unbounded. I am literally vibrating with delight.

Anyway. Here is a reminder that there's nothing new about presenters behaving badly. It's the broadcast of the 1937 Spithead Review by BBC Radio commentator Lieutenant Commander Thomas Woodrooffe, who's clearly had a too much rum on his old ship, HMS Nelson. He got suspended by BBC legend Lord Reith for a whole week after this. Woodrooffe must have had a sense of humour. He declared in the closing minutes of the 1938 FA Cup final that if there was another goal, he'd eat his hat. There was another goal. And he did.*
*(some sources say it was hat-shaped cake. Spoilsports.)

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Affer said...

Pure poetry!!!! Lit up like Fairyland wasn't it?