Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Turned Out Nice Again

George Formby - 'Why Don't Women Like Me?'. Released on Decca in 1933. A great, bittersweet song. Despite the limitations of the recording (and George's voice) it could stand up as a release even today. It's even got a guitar solo. Well, a ukelele solo. Any Smiths fans will immediately know that this proto-pop gem kicked off the famous South Bank Show episode featuring the band. I've still got it on VHS - recorded that sunday night in 1987.

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A F-A said...

TIW, you just crack me up - from Giorgio Bettinelli to George Formby in one easy leap! And it is a GREAT song! Now, can you find "When I'm cleaning windows" and link that to Debbie Harry in some way...?