Monday, December 15, 2008

Hung Up

This cloak hook was paid for by local shopkeepers so that bobbies on points duty at the junction of Long Acre and Saint Martin's Lane had somewhere to hang their raingear. I think this was just after WW2, but there's very little information about it on the net, other than a vignette by Paul Smith hanging his coat on it and being mistaken for a tramp. It first came to my attention after being mentioned on a Robert Elms radio show a few years back. Somehow, it's quietly survived on an anonymous doorway on Great Newport Street, unnoticed by the thousands of people who pass each day. But once you know it's there, you always have a look.


A F-A said...

That is a really great find! But what a scary looking it something to do with MI5... Spooks ... SOE?

Ten Inch Wheeler said...

Sinister isn't it? I've never seen it open.