Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Same Same

I've banged on about Landlord and the Timothy Taylor Brewery before on this blog. An undrunk bottle of Taylor's beer is a rare thing indeed - and what prompted this post was a mate's text saying he'd just finished off a crate of Landlord that was two years old. I admire his willpower. But how about a bottle that has remained unopened for 40-odd years?


I got this half-pint bottle of Taylor's most famous product from Ebay. It dates from at least the early 70s. The label has barely been altered over the years. A modern label is pictured below. The last last update would have been around 20 years ago and is full of vernacular charm. I suspect the same local "commercial artist" (as they were then known) did both versions.


If I shake the old bottle, a head appears on the top of the contents - which leads me to believe the cap is still airtight. I wonder what it tastes like?


A F-A said...

Oh God....I'm off to the offy to get some RIGHT NOW!!! Although I have been dallying with Jennings of late (YOUR fault!), Taylor's Landlord is sooooo good. And I think I might (nearly) agree with one of your FlickR contributors re the bottled version. That brings back memories of good bottled IPA's from a long time ago!

Ten Inch Wheeler said...

Do you know the Albert in Keighley? It's been leased from Taylor's by the Ossett Brewery. Ten pumps of their fine ales on, and a roaring fire apparently. My mates were in there last night and gave it a glowing appraisal.

A F-A said...

Funny you should say that but I noticed the change to Ossett when I drove past just the other day. It is good beer too, so I will give it a try (even better if they do a good Pie!!!).