Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Only On A Monday


Pictured here is Conan Nicholas, a regular at Soho's French House. Sadly, he died a week or so ago after a short illness, aged 93. He claimed never to have eaten meat in his life ("filthy stuff") and would come in from Hounslow ("but only on a monday") for a pint at the Coach and Horses, and then on for two glasses of wine at the French House. His Godfather was Arthur Conan Doyle, hence his name. I only spoke with him once, which is when I took this picture. He was fascinating, a living relic of a Soho long gone. I posted him a copy of the photo and he rang to thank me a couple of days later. One of his claims to fame was that he invented the sport of cat racing with Jeffrey Bernard.


A F-A said...

I Googled up Mr Nicolas; he seems to have been quite a character! Isn't it amazing that he lived to 93 despite regular imbibing and standing in smokey pubs....on which basis, I shall live to 127 (not!).

Ten Inch Wheeler said...

I always hoped I bump into him again, he had some great stories.

ally. said...

poor old chap - i only ever talked to him once but he always at least nodded a little hello in hour direction. he's good proof that a good pub is essential for a long and happy life