Monday, September 15, 2008

Pie Society

Inspired by The Great Steak Pie Hunt, I felt I had to share my recent pie experience up in Scotland. Our lad and me had just conquered all of Ben-Y-Vrackie's 2759 mist-shrouded feet. The route took us behind Pitlochry's Moulin Inn, and we stopped for a pie and a pint. And what a pie. Just look at this. It's a phrase I've used before, but eating it was like digging your way out of a meat avalanche. The chips were average, but in company like that who cares?

The beer wasn't bad, either - made in the pub's own microbrewery in the lane behind. I must admit, if you're in Pitlochry you'll be wanting for decent pubs. There was a nasty karaoke place that looked as if it had been transplanted from Blackpool, a soulless town centre pub full of dour-looking tourists and a place that may or may not have been a hotel bar. The Moulin was the best by a mile. Cheers.



A F-A said...

Aaaaargh! Salad 'garnish'...puff pastry...bleargh! But Hell's Teeth: what a dish of meat that is!!!! Marvellous - the beer looks good too (and your photos are better than mine, but then you ARE a photographer...I'm just a snapper!).

Isn't the Pie just a great way to eat?

Ten Inch Wheeler said...

Part of that garnish was cold neeps. I gave it the body swerve.

Anne said...

Is that pastry on a top, or a roll at a jaunty angle?

Pitlochry is part of the great Scottish tourist swindle. It's a rotten, overpriced hole of a place. No idea why tourists are shepherded through it all the time. Glad you found something good there though!

Ten Inch Wheeler said...

Anne, that is indeed pastry. Very difficult to eat, the 'puff' variety when in tandem with a pie.

I quite liked Pitlochry , but I know what you mean - there were about 150 places to buy a beige fleece but not a single bakers shop that we could find.