Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Caravan Of Love

I'm a caravan fan. I don't mean the ice-white megaboxes cluttering the slow lanes of every motorway in Europe. I mean fading beauties like these found in the backroads of our land. Much-loved hideaways, lit by gas mantle. Aluminium whistling kettle. Musty, dog-eared books. The toilet is a bucket in the dark.

The type I like - basically a tin shack on wheels - are inevitably becoming rare. The last one I found was this one:


which is at Blacklunans on the way to Spittal Of Glenshee in the Highlands.

Another caravan hunter is Flickr Holga Maestro Plastic Fantastic who has a collection of them on his brillant photostream. Have a look.


Ron Combo said...

I love 'em too. Real glass windows. Well done.

Ten Inch Wheeler said...

Thanks Ron.

Glass windows - that's the key to a classic.