Friday, April 8, 2011

Missin' Linx

The final part of the singlespeed jigsaw arrived this morning; a cheap - and hopefully cheerful - KMC chain which will be fitted this weekend to my new ride. The only original components left on the bike are the frame, crankset, handlebars and stem. The build has been fairly straightforward so far - the biggest hiccup being thieving ratbags at our Royal Mail depot a pair of new brake calipers being delayed in the post. Test flight to follow - no doubt it'll ride like a garden gate fitted with pramwheels.


Affer said...

Of course, in the OLD days and in the neck of the woods where you now reside, the only proper place for a bicycle chain was slipped down the trouser leg ready for a bit of Barney!

TIW said...

And the reason why Light and Bitter was popular - the bottle the Light Ale came in could be "handy sometimes"!