Sunday, March 6, 2011

Silent And Grey

A february sunday in Whitby.






Affer said...

That'll be Fortunes in photo 2?

When I worked in Whitby, I went down there one Friday lunchtime and bought three pairs of thgeri finest - wrapped, of course, in newspaper as always. Then I forgot to take them fact, didn't even go back to the office until Tuesday......

Leigh said...

Nice. Thats' all i'm saying - nice.

TIW said...

Affer, we bought kippers 'n' kipper pate - they'd run out of bacon, unfortunately. There were about a dozen tourists with their noses literally pressed against the windows watching us. I also bought a cotton carrier bag for Mrs TIW - and it really does smell like it's been hanging in a smoke house for months.

Leigh - cheers!

bikerted said...

February in Whitby is not always a good time to be there. The Magpie cafe is often closed.

TIW said...

They were queuing to get into the Magpie, Ted. We ended up at Hadleys, on the recommendation of Mr & Mrs TIW snr - absolutely superb. Hand cut chips!