Monday, November 29, 2010


My first visit to London was in 1981, on a school trip to see England Schoolboys play their Irish counterparts at a disappointingly shabby Wembley. After a fish-and-chip tea we were taken to see Airplane! at the Curzon on Shaftesbury Avenue. Waiting for the coach afterwards, we milltown naifs stood goggling at the Soho peacocks and quoting lines from the classic we'd just seen. Still makes me laugh, almost thirty years on. RIP.


Affer said...

What a comic genius he was! My memory is of a Christmas day spent munching turkey slices whilst watching all three Naked Guns, back to back! One of the few people who could have me totally helpless with laughter.

TIW said...

I think I'm going to order the Police Squad box set tonight (if it exists!)