Thursday, September 23, 2010

Top Of The Charts

Good innit? Available from Popchart Lab, it's titled The Very Many Varieties Of Beer. 18 inches by 24 and printed on "80-pound card stock" (that's American for thick paper) in Brooklyn, US-of-A.

Click the picture above to embiggen it a bit - although Popchartlab's website has a handy zoom so you can inspect all those varieties. If I'm a good Ten Inch Wheels for the rest of the year, hopefully i'll find this in my Christmas stocking. Thanks to my mate Adam for telling me about it.


Affer said...

Great! But.....nice to see Sam Smith's Oatmeal Stout, but where is the Timothy Taylor's Landlord? Even Madonna likes it (allegedly).

TIW said...

I've been too busy at work to have a proper scrutiny, alas.

I bet Charles Dent of Taylor's choked on his pint when he heard Madge mention Landlord on Parky. Best advertising they've ever had!