Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Grass. Cut.

So - farewell then, Supergrass. One of the best bands of the last three decades has chucked in the towel after 17 years. They never really became household names like other so-called Britpop bands Blur and Oasis, but for my money they were best of the lot. They were a classic British group with hints of the Kinks, The Faces, Humble Pie, the Stones and even Madness and early Adam And The Ants. I only got to see them live once, a storming set at the old Billingsgate Market. Mick and Rob plonking along, with Gaz out the front singing his lungs out. Danny at the back hitting everything in sight and panting like a racehorse in the gaps between songs. It was a a very hot night. The moment the applause finished after the encore, Mrs TIW fainted in my arms.

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