Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gor Blimey

So - farewell Chas 'n' Dave. The duo, who'd been together since 1972, have called it a day. Bassist Dave Peacock, whose wife died recently has understandably had enough of life on the road. They were often seen as a novelty band, though there was no doubting their brilliant musicianship and witty, supremely crafted songs. They also sung in English accents, a rarity even today. Chas Hodges is arguably the greatest rock pianist alive, with his distinctive 'barrelhouse' sound. His ivory tinkling as a session player on Labi Siffre's I Got The was famously sampled by Eminem for My Name Is.

Here's Rabbit and Gertcha - two of the best tracks ever commited to vinyl. I'm not joking.


Affer said...

It should be compulsory for all people seeking British Citizenship to undertake a course of the output from Chas 'n Dave, Ian Dury and Ray Davies! And I think 'Gertcha' is an absolute classic.

TIW said...

Ian Dury - now there's an idea for a friday lazy blog.