Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Yorkshire Welcome

I pulled a 13-hour shift yesterday, scooting home at 11.30pm amongst Britain's worst drivers. When I got in, Mrs TIW (herself born in that London) surprised me with this arrangement of Yorkshire produce. Just brilliant.


A F-A said...

Two top posts TIW!!! The tea cake lacks only a good slab of proper Wensleydale (from Hawes!) to help it slip down. If I had thought, I would have sent you some, but I was laid low by too much Timothy Taylor's and a surfeit of Ted Lees's best pies! (How long did it take to train the wife? Never succeeded m'sen).

Ten Inch Wheeler said...

Ah, the old cheese/cake combo - something that did indeed baffle Mrs TIW when she first encountered it. For a wedding present we got a hamper from Botham's Of Whitby. It was mainly Wensleydale 'n' cakes. Lasted about 3 days.

ally. said...

you're a lucky man sunbeam - well does the wife