Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lazy blogging

OK - I put my hands up, this is a bit slack. But It could hardly be a Vespa-biased blog without a clip from Roman Holiday, could it? The bit where the scooter runs away with Audrey Hepburn must have happened to almost all Vespisti on their first attempt at riding - myself included. On every visit to Rome I've promised myself that I'd hire a scooter, just to ride round the Vittorio Emanuele memorial but the traffic looks so terrifying that I always chicken out. Ending up under a Fiat 126 isn't much fun if you're solo, let alone with a passenger. It's doubtful we'd look as cool as these two anyway, despite Gregory Peck's random pointing. Watch out for the police in their WW2 surplus jeep. I wonder where that 1953 faro basso is now?


ally. said...


ally. said...

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A F-A said...

It's a bit disappointing that you and Mrs TIW didn't recreate this! But I am forced to admit that Audrey, Rome and Vespa blend as wonderfully as coffee, frothy milk and cocoa powder!