Thursday, May 1, 2008

There Is Hope

Between unspoiled, much-loved gems like The Harp and the generic blandery of the likes of All Bar One lies that most endangered of species - the Old Man's Boozer. Nice to find a website in the mode of Classic Cafes that is celebrating them: Save The Boozer. (Link found on I Like)

I always thought I was more or less alone in loving the pubs where the carpet might be swirly and a bit sticky. The places where there's a 1980s portable showing the racing results on ceefax and the only food available is a pork scratching. WIth hairs on it. They're not my first choice of places to drink, but like your kidneys it's good to know they are there.

Blue Posts, Soho

The picture above was taken in Soho's Blue Posts. Not to be confused with the seemingly dozens of other Blue Posts nearby, this is the one on the corner of Berwick Street and Broadwick Street. Unchanged since the 60s (except for the odd bit of paint) It's run by a tie-wearing, elderly Irishman and a lady of a certain age who always mistakes me for somebody else. It's popular with both the local meeja types, lushes and old geezers from the market. It's about the last of it's type in Soho, if not the whole of central London. Get there before it becomes a Pizza Express.

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ally. said...

blimey that's the brightest i've ever seen it in there... and i gaze longingly at the lovely place from my kitchen window always